Tim Willis & The End’s New Album In JazzScene…

Tim Willis & The End have been going from strength to strength since the release of  their second album Keep Your Chin Up earlier this year. Ron Spain from JazzScene sinks his teeth in the new album for this months issue and we are totally happy with the results. Check it out…

Exactly 12 months ago I raved about this band’s first CD release and it isn’t going to be hard to get ecstatic about their second. Newmarket Music can always be relied upon to pick up on some outstanding Australian talent and they are on to a sure thing yet again. Launched at Melbourne’s Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club on June 14th, here is another showcase of Tim Willis’ composing talents, plus one tune from Jon Crompton. Eight tracks over 52 minutes include the chunky beat of Chers Amis, the evocatively titled Save Me From The Rednecks sounds like dinosaurs on parade, and a similarly ponderous tread from the bass is overlaid with some excited chatter from reeds on Grandma. It’ll Be OK…No, It Won’t is sheer joy from go to whoa and Family brings on another of the many quirky rhythms that abound throughout the entire recording. As before, the two reeds just create sparks while the rhythm trio aren’t about to extinguish the resultant flames. The sum of the parts is the whole and the whole in this case is close to perfect entertainment. When does the trans-Australia tour start, boys? – Ron Spain, JazzScene

Tim Willis - Keep Your Chin Up

Tim Willis – Keep Your Chin Up

Buy Here: Tim Willis & The End – Keep Your Chin Up




About Newmarket Music

Newmarket Music was established in Melbourne in 1993 initally as a distributor of the finest in Australian and International Jazz recordings. In over 18 years in the industry we have expanded to an award winning and internationally recognized record label which includes some of Australia's best jazz, Indie, folk, blues, country, pop, world and roots music. Newmarket Music prides itself on being a 'one stop shop' for our artists including services such as design, marketing, promotions, licensing, sales, online and physical distribution and merchandising with facilities at our fingertips to encorporate recording, mastering and CD/ DVD manufacturing.

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