Steve Sedergreen New Solo Release – Points In Time

Newmarket Music is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Points In Time from renowned jazz pianist and educator Steve Sedergreen.

Steve has made a vital and indelible impact in the Australian jazz scene over the past 25 years. He possesses an exceptional improvisational sensibility that is true to the spirit of jazz. His latest album, Points In Time, is a 12-song collection of original material written at various points in Sedergreen’s stellar career, all reworked and re imagined.

“The older recordings on Points in Time demonstrate Steve’s talent as a writer, arranger and band leader. His most recent recordings demonstrate the beauty of what’s possible when you remove the structure, listen deeply and improvise from your core. What you discover are musical moments that are as engaging for audiences as they are for the players; moments in which you listen so intently you forget everything, even forgetting to breathe. It’s music overflowing with emotion. It’s art.” – Derek Guille

Steve Sedergreen – Points In Time

Points In Time is an extraordinarily varied collection, reflective of the different eras of composition. The album is bookended by two standout deep listening tracks (the improvised Contraints In Construction and Resolution) which reflect Steve’s current musical journey. Some of Steve’s favourite older compositions have been re-energized with additional vocals (The Trophy Revisited, Centenary Blues, Mr. Sensitive Is Here and Rolling Along) and then there are the classic jazz tracks (Prayer For Lost Souls, The Pink Glove and the standout Miss Happiness). Steve has also written a new song for this collection, Future Waltz.

“The tracks on Points In Time capture the three main writing periods of my life: that of a young 20 year old music student; then as a little-bit-more-mature 28 year old musician; and finally as a man in his 40s, a jazz improviser focused on deep listening.” – Steve Sedergreen

Produced by Cameron Giles-Webb at Gusto Studios in Melbourne over 6 months in late 2011 and early 2012, Points In Time was recorded with an impressive 12-piece band including lush horn arrangements and guest vocal performances by Giles-Webb and Hetty Kate.

 Steve Sedergreen was born in Box Hill in 1966 and he started playing piano when he was five years old, inspired and influenced by his father, jazz legend Bob Sedergreen. Steve grew up attending his father’s rehearsals and performances. When Bob supported or performed with international jazz greats like Nat Adderley, Jimmy Witherspoon and Dizzy Gillespie, young Steve and his brother Mal (now an acclaimed jazz saxophonist) would tag along. It was an unusual and intoxicating upbringing.

Steve has worked as a professional musician since his teenage years, performing with both Australian and internationally renowned artists as well as leading his own bands. He formed Mistaken Identity in 1985 and has led it through various incarnations and five recordings, with performances over the years at festivals including the Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. He was also director and curator of Dizzy’s Jazz Club between 1999 and 2006.


About Newmarket Music

Newmarket Music was established in Melbourne in 1993 initally as a distributor of the finest in Australian and International Jazz recordings. In over 18 years in the industry we have expanded to an award winning and internationally recognized record label which includes some of Australia's best jazz, Indie, folk, blues, country, pop, world and roots music. Newmarket Music prides itself on being a 'one stop shop' for our artists including services such as design, marketing, promotions, licensing, sales, online and physical distribution and merchandising with facilities at our fingertips to encorporate recording, mastering and CD/ DVD manufacturing.

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