A great review from John Hardaker (check out his blog WordsAboutMusic) of Darth Vegas’ new one Brainwashing For Dirty Minds. Sums it up quite nicely!


Within 3:37 I was completely convinced someone had been soaking my iPod in a concoction of mescaline and red cordial (with more than a dash of ADHD splashed in). By the end of ‘Gritos Dulces’, the opening track of Darth Vegas’ new album Brainwashing for Dirty Minds (Romero Records), I felt as if my eyes were pinwheels out on stalks, my tongue lolled like a pink lolly snake and little mushroom clouds puffed from both of my ears as my brain imploded with mirth.

The world had become a cartoon fun-maze of gyrating buildings, heaving footpaths and gulping trashcans. And it was all Darth Vegas’ fault.

The last time I saw Michael Lira’s 7-piece mutant-soundtrack ensemble, they were providing incidental music to a Robert Landridge animation short (“Fred’s Dream”) at the 2011 GRAPHIC Festival. It was Star Wars into silent-film, surf-pop into Stravinsky – often within a few bars of…

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