Tim Willis & The End – Album Launch @ Bennetts Lane

Thursday June 14th will see Tim Willis & The End launch their much-anticipated new album “Keep Your Chin Up” at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne.  8:30PM, $15/$12. They will be performing all the tracks from this new album as well as several select songs from their first, self-titled album “The End”. This band showcases some of Melbourne’s best young up-and-coming talent – featuring Jon Crompton on alto saxophone, John Felstead on tenor saxophone, Tim Willis on guitar, Gareth Hill on bass and Nick Martyn on drums.

Keep Your Chin Up - Tim Willis & The End

Keep Your Chin Up – Tim Willis & The End

It’s been a little over a year, and since then the group have gone from strength to strength, refining a jazz-rock sound that is unique and unmistakably their own. Made up of eight pieces, seven from Tim and one from alto sax player Jon Crompton, the over-riding theme of the album is that of facing and overcoming adversity, with each piece showcasing the talents of each member. The Rose, Jon Crompton’s piece, is a dark and brooding piece that features an additional horn part played by special guest Jack Beeche. There are several pieces on the album such as It’ll Be Okay…No It Won’t and Family which are driving and heavily, but uniquely rock influenced and contrastingly subdued moments such as Lying On Her Bed Listenin’ To Steve Reich – a love song and homage to his partner’s favourite composer. The title track for the album Keep Your Chin Up, and the album itself is dedicated to Willis’ sister who has courageously fought breast cancer.

“A serious new sound in Australian music. Is ‘The End’ the beginning for a new jazz audience?” – Annie Gastin, ABC Radio

Their music is steeped in the jazz tradition and not only brings with it all the things that make jazz great, but brings a rock edge that speaks to those who grew up listening to and loving Radiohead and Soundgarden.Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne

“This band presents uniquely satisfying, high energy blend of jazz and rock ideas without subtracting from either genre”– John McBeath, The Australian

“If this is the beginning of The End, then one eagerly anticipates the hereafter.” – Ron Spain, Jazzscene

“Like rock, jazz never really needs ‘saving’ but, groups like The End and original thinkers such as Tim Willis can, by their youthful vigour and vertical vision, sometimes help the old tart out when she loses her puff.” – John Hardacker, The Orange Press

Tim Willis was interviewed by Robbie Buck  (ABC Radio National, The Inside Sleeve) CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

For more info on the new album head to www.timwillis.com.au and for launch info and tickets go to www.bennettslane.com.

The album will be available to purchase online at www.newmarketmusic.com, to download at iTunes and many more.


About Newmarket Music

Newmarket Music was established in Melbourne in 1993 initally as a distributor of the finest in Australian and International Jazz recordings. In over 18 years in the industry we have expanded to an award winning and internationally recognized record label which includes some of Australia's best jazz, Indie, folk, blues, country, pop, world and roots music. Newmarket Music prides itself on being a 'one stop shop' for our artists including services such as design, marketing, promotions, licensing, sales, online and physical distribution and merchandising with facilities at our fingertips to encorporate recording, mastering and CD/ DVD manufacturing.

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